Fundamental Judo: The Concept Of Seiryoku-Zenyo

Most Asian martial arts, including Judo, are heavy in technical and theoretical principles of practice. In Asia, martial arts is more than just a physical activity. It is inextricable from moral and spiritual dimensions.

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Practitioners of judo have trained under the concept of Seiryoku-Zenyo, or the maximum and efficient use of energy. It is the good or proper use of the mind and body. This watchword or slogan is operated by the Japanese word “zen,” which means good that overcomes evil. “Seiryoku” is a two-character Japanese word that came from the words “sei” for spirit and “ryoku” for force. Seiryoku-Zenyo applies to different types of endeavors, and it helps a person fully utilize physical and spiritual energies for a unique purpose.

Judo is a martial art that uses the motion and momentum of the opponent to apply power, such that the “weaker” fighter can beat the “stronger” one. It is also an attack and defense martial art where practitioners can apply their learnings even outside of the dojo.

Sport - 2014 Commonwealth Games - Day Two
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This concept of maximum efficiency or Seiryoku-Zenyo teaches Judo practitioners the value of fighting within one’s means, and not with the express aim of overpowering an opponent.

Dr. Peter Spennato is a martial arts instructor with decades of training in Judo and Korean Tang Soo Doo. He is also an expert in handling firearms and has trained under the industry’s finest teachers. Learn more about martial arts and self-defense by visiting this page.


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