The fisherman’s itinerary The best fly-fishing locations all over

While fishing can be done almost any natural body of water, there are some locations that are truly ideal in satisfying the fisherman’s need to catch fish and relax while doing so. Here are a few locations all anglers worth their salt should put on their bucket list:

Bighorn River, USA – Found in Eastern Montana, the Bighorn River is home to large brown trout, although lucky folk may catch a rainbow trout too. Carp and shad also make up the population in Bighorn’s waters.

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Exmouth, Australia – There are tons of species to be found in Exmouth’s flats. Bonefish, milkfish, and queenfish are just some of the inshore residents, but anglers who venture offshore may find a bounty of tuna and black marlin. The elusive Indo-Pacific Permit also hangs around the area.

Chimehuin River, Argentina – Patagonia has a lot of rivers, and Chimehuin is one of the best fishing locations for trout fans who want a picturesque background to their angling – the waters are beautifully clear and are described by some visitors as having a blue glow.

Eg Ur Watershed, Mongolia – Catch-and-release practitioners who head to Mongolia may run into the monstrous taimen, a relative of the salmon that can grow large enough to eat rodents and birds – they generally stick to fish, however. Visiting Mongolia to fish for taimen or the Asiatic trout species in the waters may also prove to be a unique experience as they’ll have the opportunity to stay in a traditional yurt.

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Northern Saskatchewan, Canada – Walleye, pike, and arctic grayling are some of the most sought-after fish in the lakes studding the area. Touring fishermen can book packages to fly out from an area resort to the best fishing spots with experienced fishing guides.

When not teaching martial arts, self-defense instructor Peter Spennato enjoys hiking and fly fishing. Follow this blog for more articles about his interests.